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In order to serve the ARS community and patients seeking reliable, unbiased medical information, the ARS has endeavored to provide membership and patients a new and up to date website that meets the standards of today's technologies and the needs of patients and healthcare providers alike.

These pages are designed to help you, the patient, make an educated and informed choice about your medical care and to help you select the rhinologist who is right for you.

browsing the website
The website is designed to be easily navigated. Conditions and treatments are viewed at any point when browsing. Below is a guided tutorial for navigating the site. The banner marked by the red rectangle is the navigation bar. It will be present on every page. Information about your anatomy, your nose or sinus condition, treatment options, physicians in your area, as well as medical resources will be available at the click of your mouse. To serve you more directly, a specific area marked by the green square will allow you to locate a physician in your area. Lastly, from the main page, you can find information about the most common nasal and sinus disorders in the area marked by the blue square.

Please take a moment to read our disclosure statement about medical information provided in this website.

Revised 6/2011
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